Mysolution moves upward in staffing market with OnRecruit acquisition

Mysolution welcomes the OnRecruit team and takes an important step in its ambition to deliver a one-stop solution for the staffing industry, the Total Talent Management platform. Mysolution, combined with the OnRecruit solutions, takes up the challenge of converting data from various applications into useful insights. This brings staffing and recruitment teams steadily closer to their dream to work data-driven.

Welcome to the family, OnRecruit

Within recruitment, the technological puzzle is becoming more important and complex. Due to the acceleration in automation and use of new technologies, more and more data is being created. Many organisations wonder how they can make optimal use of all this data, so that their candidate and customer journeys can be continuously improved.

Recruitment marketing technology

Jaap Postma, CEO at Mysolution, sees additional added value in the marketing partnerships, technology and knowledge that OnRecruit offers: ‘Many of our customers are currently investing in recruitment marketing technology. Our vision is to optimise returns for our customers with a better use of all available data. The insights that OnRecruit can offer our customers in combination with OnRecruit's partnerships with, for example, Autopilot, Indeed and, will simply help our customers to get more sales from both advertising and their existing database.’

2021 - ATS - OnRecruitThe data process of OnRecruit

Lots of cool cases

Dirk Meeuws, CTO OnRecruit: ‘We have always had the dream and the ambition to make recruitment teams more successful by making recruitment data work for them. This step allows us to continue to develop this dream. This applies to both existing Mysolution customers and recruitment teams that want to get more out of their data and do not work with Mysolution. We are already working on some cool joint cases together with Mysolution. And I am eager to provide even more recruiters, marketers and account managers with information that will help them achieve their recruitment goals. Ultimately, it should become easy for everyone to gain actionable insights that help put candidates in touch with the ideal next step in their careers.’

Mysolution OnRecruit Data René Bolier Dirk Meeuws Jaap Postma(f. l. t. r) Dirk Meeuws, Jaap Postma and René Bolier

OnRecruit also continues to offer stand-alone products

OnRecruit will also continue to offer its products as stand-alone products to recruitment teams that do not use Mysolution's software products. In addition to a rollout of OnRecruit's products within the Mysolution customer base, work will also be done on an intensification of the partnership with OTYS (part of Mysolution).

René Bolier, CCO Recruitment Solutions

René Bolier, first employee of OnRecruit 10 years ago, now CEO, will join the Mysolution management team in the role of CCO Recruitment Solutions, helping to further roll out the combined proposition of Mysolution and OnRecruit nationally and internationally. René: ‘I am extremely proud of the team that OnRecruit has built. The great thing about this deal is that this is the beginning rather than an end of an era. And our customers, the market, our partners and our team will benefit from it. We're just getting started!’

About OnRecruit

OnRecruit is a Dutch software company that helps recruitment teams make their data work for them. OnRecruit combines the data that customers create in their applications into one data warehouse and then helps them capitalise on it by providing insights and nudges into BI tools and applications that their recruiters, marketeers and sales colleagues use every day.

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OnRecruit also helps its customers to achieve more hires and revenue by offering a practical combination of technology and managed services in the field of advertising and marketing automation. Learn more about OnRecruit at

About Mysolution

Mysolution, founded in 2005, is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of software for the staffing and recruitment market, and since the acquisition of OTYS counts more than 200 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic. In recent years, all products have become available as a SAAS application for recruiting and deploying temporary staff. More than 1100 organisations have integrated solutions based on the technology platforms of Mysolution into their day-to-day work. Learn more about Mysolution at!