Data and Recruiting Marketing

We can help you merge all your marketing, website, ATS and back office data into a single data pool to create beautiful dashboards that show actionable insights. This is our OnRecruit product. Combined with the solutions from OnRecruit, we take on the challenge of converting data from various applications into useful insights.


Do you want your data to do the work for you?

OnRecruit helps teams make data work for them and combines the data that customers create in their applications in one data warehouse. Then OnRecruit helps to capitalize on data by providing insights and nudges using BI tools and applications that recruiters, marketers and sales colleagues use every day.

Recruitment Marketing

In addition to dashboarding, we also offer other valuable recruitment marketing services.

Display Advertising

Retarget candidates who are in your ATS or visit the website with smart campaigns. Search for look-a-like candidates that match candidates from the database to increase your candidate potential.

Social media campaigns

Reach new candidates on social media platforms through campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube. Re-target candidates who already exist in your database with relevant campaigns on these social media domains.


Spread your vacancies across free channels such as job boards and share organic vacancies on specific search engines. If relevant, we can also deploy paid campaigns on these different domains.

Search engine campaigns

OnRecruit can set up and manage automated campaigns for you in job search engines such as Indeed,, and more generic search engines such as Google and Bing.

We help our clients increase hires and revenue by offering a practical combination of technology and managed services in advertising and marketing automation.
Software Mysolution OnRecruit



How data-driven is your recruitment organisation?

Since 2021, Mysolution has acquired OnRecruit. Why the acquisition of OnRecruit by Mysolution? Mysolution in combination with the OnRecruit solution converts data from various applications into useful insights. With this we realize the dream - of staffing and recruitment teams - to work data-driven.

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It is our vision to optimize the revenues for our customers by making better use of all available data. The insights that OnRecruit can offer, in combination with OnRecruit's partnerships such as Indeed and, will help you to get more revenue from both advertising and the existing database.