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Why Mysolution?

Your client wants the best candidate. Always. Your temp agent, key accountmanager or recruiter likes sourcing talent to find the best person for the job, recruit and commit using their expertise, network and creativity. That's what they love about their job.

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The smart online tool by Mysolution supports your specialists in making a difference. We structure the workflow online and take work of your plate. Every single day. Even if there are changes.

Our solutions free up valuable time for your temp agent, key account manager or recruiter to focuson the dream candidate. And: your clients are satisfied. Excel while having fun and following your passion. Choose the freedom of Mysolution software!

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Recruitment: looking for the right candidate!

Your recruiting strategy starts with the right recruiting tool to simplify your recruiting process. A full Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you streamline and automate your tasks.

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Onboarding your candidate!

With the onboarding checklists and workflows you create the optimal candidate journey. In a time of candidate scarcity, speed and ease of onboarding is the route to success. And with one reference point for all employee information, you don't have double data entries.

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Keeping your candidate!

By using a single digital platform that brings applications together, all work processes are standardized and optimized so that time writing, remuneration, invoicing and contract management can be easily completed and processed.

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Meet our customers

Thanks to more than 16 years of experience with successful implementations of our recruitment & staffing software, we can also automate your work processes more efficiently and user-friendly. These customers preceded you!

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Mysolution delivers the combination of a standard solution with company-specific customization that is needed.

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