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Mysolution offers a powerful and innovative solution, regardless of the scale on which you operate. Our solution is cloud-based and built on the platforms of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Total Talent Management

As a staffing and recruitment agency you fulfill an important role for employers. You get to deploy professionals with a professional specialism on a flexible basis or you look for the excellent candidate for your client. The strengths of people forms the core of your company in two respects: both the strengths of the professionals and those of your own employees. Both are efficiently supported with Mysolution Total Talent Management platform.

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Mysolution's front and mid-office software runs on the proven platform Salesforce. The Applicant Tracking System (hereinafter referred to as ATS) from Mysolution is easy to use, has a nice user interface and is packed with automation and matching features. Everything aimed at making the recruiter's daily work easier and more efficient.

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We built the mid-office functionality on the Salesforce platform. This includes a document checklist (including different languages), uploaded documents (e.g. passport) are automatically linked to the candidate and the creation of documents (e.g. contracts) can be easily automated via templates.

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By using a single digital platform that brings applications together, all work processes are standardized and optimized so that time writing, remuneration, invoicing and contract management can be easily completed and processed. Our software also identifies the different models independent contractors use to provide their services, which may vary from country to country (compliant payrolling).

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Data and recruitment marketing

We can help you merge all your marketing, website, ATS and back office data into a single data pool to create beautiful dashboards that show actionable insights. We do this with our subsidiary OnRecruit. Combined with the solutions from OnRecruit, we take on the challenge of converting data from various applications into useful insights.

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