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Our success stories define us and are part of the backbone of the work we do, based on the experiences and implementations of our product.

Working together

on innovation

Everything that has already been thought of, we do not do it over. Is it well thought out? Then we use it. Can it be better? Then we get to work. We chose innovative technology partners such as Salesforce for the front and mid-office and Microsoft Business Central 365 for the back office. This puts us at the forefront of the integration of all business processes. Our customers benefit from this and quickly take the lead in their target market. Below you can read two success stories of our customers.

Success Story

Brunel conquers Europe with Mysolution

Since 2016, Brunel works with Mysolution Pro throughout Europe. Brunel uses this application in basically all sectors in which this worldwide secondment agency of highly educated and well-qualified personnel is active. According to Stefan de Boer, Global IT Manager at Brunel, Mysolution has built a good standard for the back office on top of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.

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