Total Talent Management

Mysolution offers a Total Talent Management (TTM) platform for staffing and recruitment agencies. A one-stop solution for digitizing all business processes and fully supporting your organization, from the front and mid office to the back office.

Our solution is cloud-based and built on the platforms of Salesforce and Microsoft 365 Business Central. The entire candidate and customer journey of applying for a job, matching, time registration, invoicing and remuneration are organized from a central point. With organized dashboards, customers have insight into active placements, billability, available professionals and margins at a glance.



Recruitment: looking for the right candidate!

Your recruiting strategy starts with the right recruiting tool to simplify your recruiting process. A full Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you streamline and automate your tasks. We also focus on the use of data-driven recruitment so that every step of your recruitment process can be tracked and measured and recruitment opportunities can be improved upon.

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Onboarding your candidate!

With the onboarding checklists and workflows you create the optimal candidate journey. In a time of candidate scarcity, speed and ease of onboarding is the route to success. And with one reference point for all employee information, you don't have double data entries. Contracts can be easily created and candidate data can be imported into other types of HR and payroll software.

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Keeping your candidate!

By using a single digital platform that brings applications together, all work processes are standardized and optimized so that time writing, remuneration, invoicing and contract management can be easily completed and processed. Our software also identifies the different models independent contractors use to provide their services, which may vary from country to country (compliant payrolling). Convenience for both candidate and customer leads to loyalty and new business opportunities.

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Make your recruitment data work

We live in a data-driven world, with new insights generated every time someone clicks with the mouse, posts a review, or applies for a job. The hiring market also relies on useful insights to make the right decisions. We can help you to merge all your marketing, website, ATS and back office data into one Datawarehouse (Snowflake Technology) to create beautiful (near-) real-time dashboards that show actionable insights, and all of this in one instant and integrated into the solution.

Mysolution's five core promises

  • Mysolution Total Talent Management platform supports the core processes of your company. Mysolution Total Talent Management platform assists in matching candidates, drafting contracts and registering hours. In addition, we realize fast invoicing and payment. It is a unique one-stop solution for the staffing and recruitment market.

  • Specific management information is available so that you can manage your organization with the right focus. By integrating standard reports into the solution, compiling a relevant and up-to-date management dashboard becomes easy. Custom reports specific to your business is also a commonly used option.

  • Both your customers and professionals benefit from choosing Mysolution Total Talent Management platform. By using responsive design for the portal, it is easy to exchange information with you via any device. Whether it concerns hours, pay slips, evaluations, sick reports or customer invoices, the portal offers you all the information.
  • The functionality of Mysolution Total Talent Management platform is specifically tailored to the tasks and responsibilities of the users. Thanks to a role-based setup of Mysolution Total Talent Management platform, users only see the functionalities they need for their daily work.

  • By using the web client, your employees can access the necessary information at any time. Mysolution Total Talent Management platform can be accessed over the internet on any device and any location.

  • Use Mysolution Total Talent Management platform to perfect the workflow in your organization. You can create workflow actions and set up notifications within your business processes to shorten the lead time.

  • With one solution you realize the integral automation of your front, mid and back office. This automates the entire process effortlessly and prevents double data entry.

  • Sign documents quickly and easily with the digital signature. Documents no longer need to be printed and physically sent. You also get to keep an easy overview of the signing process.

  • Mysolution Total Talent Management platform is based on Salesforce for the front and mid office and Microsoft Business Central 365 for the back office. Of course, Mysolution provides the link between Salesforce and Microsoft Business Central 365 so that you don't have to worry about it and never have to enter data twice.

  • Mysolution ensures that the latest IT innovations automatically enter your organization and continue to increase your efficiency.

  • Mysolution connects with the common payroll modules in multiple countries and can provide any desired integration at the request of the customer.
  • You must deal with extensive laws and regulations. Any form of remuneration must be appropriate from both a tax and legal perspective. Mysolution Total Talent Management platform supports this by automatically checking whether contracts and fees are in accordance with the applicable collective labor agreements.

  • Also, an important part is a consistent entry of the hours and the execution of extensive automatic checks, this is part of the Total Talent Management platform and can be customized for each customer.

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