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If you want to ensure the growth of your organization and/or your financial results, the time has come to support your processes even more.


For each sector one powerful solution

Mysolution offers a cloudbased application for Front, Middle & Back Office. We free up your valuable time by supporting the complete process of recruiting, temping and staffing.


As a temp agency in the current tight labour market you want to find the right candidates and commit them with a personal approach. At the same time you feel the need for more efficiency: You want to make the next step towards digital transformation. Greater administrative efficiency leads to less mistakes. You like overseeing every aspect of your company's performance, using KPI Dashboards. Sound familiar?

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As a staffing agent in this challenging labour market, you want both to source the right candidates and commit them with a personal approach. Also, significant efficiency improvements can be made by choosing one comprehensive solution.

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The number of job positions that you can fill as a recruiting agency is large. This opens up opportunities. At the same time you could use help optimally organizing recruiting processes, as well as keeping track of job placements and job vacancies.

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