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With Mysolution's online solution, you make the difference. Thanks to our tools, you will find suitable candidates faster and they will be able to apply for your vacancies with ease.

Staffing agencies

Mysolution provides control in the recruiting process

The number of job positions that you can fill as a recruiting agency is large. This opens up opportunities. At the same time you could use help optimally organizing recruiting processes, as well as keeping track of job placements and job vacancies.

Recruiting software that works for you

We offer recruiters a software solution that feels like a
personal assistant. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows you to register and track candidates during the process. Keep an overview of your candidates with the easy-to-use database.

We understand the importance of administrative support anyplace, anywhere and anytime. With a clear reporting dashboard you have an up-to-date overview in job vacancies, the sales funnel, candidate administration and expected turnover.


Stability and security

Our tool is built on the proven platform of Salesforce, using a completely cloudbased approach. This offers stability and security.

  • Software solution that feels like a personal assistant
  • Anyplace, anywhere en anytime administrative support of your work
  • Instantly available and concise reporting


Stay in control of your business with clear reporting

Set up your reporting dashboard with information that’s important for your business. Keep a clear overview of the number of job positions, candidates, the sales funnel, estimated turnover per request, number of placements and overall turnover.

Consult with colleagues in the online chat function

View and assess a CV directly in our solution, without the hassle of multiple tabs. Would you like to consult with a colleague or refer a candidate? Share the CV and communicate easily using the online chat function.

All information directly accessible in Outlook

Review the history of the person you are contacting directly from your Outlook inbox. Import or update the CV with one click, see previous reactions of the candidate to job vacancies or see previous e-mails that are automatically stored.

Boolean Search Mysolution

Boolean logic that accurately delivers on your search request. When you search for a ‘project manager’, the search tool automatically includes a project leader in your search results. Have you added specific skills to the system? These are also included.

Easily upload LinkedIn Profiles

Found a potential candidate on LinkedIn? Crosscheck directly in your browser if this person is already in your database, compare information and update your database with just one click away.

Keep an overview of your work

Say goodbye to Excel and sticky notes. Keep a concise overview on your personal dashboard. See the job vacancies that have the highest priority, which candidates are waiting for a reaction and which candidates need to be scheduled for a second interview.


Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Software solution that feels like a personal assistant

Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Anyplace, anywhere en anytime administrative support of your work

Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Instantly available and concise reporting

Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Stability and security

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