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With Mysolution's online solution, you make the difference. Thanks to our tools, you will find suitable candidates faster and they will be able to apply for your vacancies with ease.

Staffing Agencies

Mysolution provides control in the recruiting process

As a staffing agent in this challenging labour market, you want both to source the right candidate and commit them with a personal approach. Also, significant efficiency improvements can be made by choosing one comprehensive solution.

One integrated software solution

We offer staffing agencies one integrated software solution to digitalize all business processes. Our solution is cloudbased. We understand the importance of support anyplace, anywhere and anytime in the selection and recruitment job.

Our standard software fits like a well tailored suit and is the most efficient staffing software in the market. Not in the least due to the streamlined integration of timesheets billing and emuneration. And expenses for overnight stayovers, lunches, overtime and overseas allowance get processed in seconds.

Clear dashboards deliver in a single overview insight in billable amounts, available professionals and profit margins. That way you and your colleagues can fully focus on finding, committing and attracting the right candidates.

Reduce Costs

With the cloud application by Mysolution say goodbye to
siloed applications causing costly streamlining. Mysolution delivers an instant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Boost efficiency with integrated software by Mysolution
  • Administrative support anyplace, anywhere, anytime
  • Streamlined integration of timesheets, billing and remuneration
  • Cutting costs

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Success Case

Brunel | Stefan de Boer

"Mysolution delivers the combination of a standard solution with company-specific customization that is needed."

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Accurate processing of timesheets and expenses

Our solution can be customized to your needs and therefore adapts to the preferences of your customer. Lunch expenses, mobility budgets and all possible timesheets can be processed automatically to invoices and remuneration payments.

Stay in control of your business with clear reporting

Set up your reporting dashboard with information that’s important for your business. Keep a clear overview of the number of job vacancies, current placements, candidates, the sales funnel, turnover and profit margins.

One integrated solution

Automate the entire process in the Front, Middle & Back Office with a single solution. Prevent inputting data in multiple systems, resulting in a massive reduction in errors and time spent on administrative tasks.

Streamline work with workflows

Automatically be on the ball for ongoing contracts. Receive a notification when a contract is almost at its end, so you can proactively set up a new contract or be prepared to place the candidate in another position.

Share information with the portal

Share information with the portalEasily share information on a personal portal clients and professionals. On every device you have access to timesheets, payslips, evaluations, number of sick days and customer invoices.

Keep an overview of your work

Say goodbye to Excel and sticky notes. Keep a concise overview on your personal dashboard. Track if your candidate closes in on the next step, which job vacancies have the highest priority, see which candidates are waiting for feedback and who needs to be scheduled for a second interview.


Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Boost efficiency with integrated software by Mysolution

Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Administrative support anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Streamlined integration of timesheets, billing and remuneration

Mysolution Benefit Voordelen

Cutting costs

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