Front Office

Mysolution's front and mid-office software runs on the proven platform Salesforce. Mysolution's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is easy to use, has a nice user interface and is packed with automation and matching features. Everything aimed at making the recruiter's daily work easier and more efficient.



Recruitment: looking for the right candidate!

Your recruiting strategy starts with the right recruiting tool to simplify your recruiting process. A full Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you streamline and automate your tasks. We also focus on the use of data-driven recruitment so that every step of your recruitment process can be tracked and measured and recruitment opportunities can be improved upon.

Search & Match

Mysolution has its own search and matching tool, which not only applies semantic search, but also searches for hard and soft skills. Searching for skills makes it easier to link with open vacancies. Our own matching module is also known as skill-based matching.

Our matching module can read in every CV and fill fields automatically so that the search for a candidate is greatly simplified. As a result, you will not overlook a single candidate and you will find the right match faster.

In addition, you can also search with the Textkernel tool, partner of Mysolution. This tool is fully integrated within the Mysolution software.

Mysolution Browser Plug-in

The Mysolution Browser Plug-in integrates, at the touch of a button, Mysolution Recruitment with all popular job boards where candidates can be found. This means you immediately have all candidate information at hand. While you search for new candidates on job boards, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Xing, the Mysolution Browser Plug-in automatically checks whether your candidate is already registered in the Mysolution Recruitment software.


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