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Timing can always move ahead with Mysolution

Thousands of flex workers are at work every day thanks to Timing. The specialist in executive work has been bringing together go-getters and clients for almost thirty years. However experienced, the company is always facing forward and is known to be innovative. Switching to the integrated software package Mysolution FLEX, in 2015, was in that respect a golden opportunity. Primary business processes have since been even more efficient, and innovations within these are easier to implement.

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Brunel conquers Europe with Mysolution

Since 2016, Brunel works with Mysolution Pro throughout Europe. Brunel uses this application in basically all sectors in which this worldwide secondment agency of highly educated and well-qualified personnel is active. According to Stefan de Boer, Global IT Manager at Brunel, Mysolution has built a good standard for the back office on top of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. A standard that Brunel currently already uses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria and that is now also being implemented in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

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