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Wilma Steenblik


Our colleagues can ofcourse best tell what it means to work at Mysolution. Read below the story of Wilma Steenblik, Senior Consultant.

My biggest achievement is the contribution to our own payroll module

Convinced by the positive experiences

After studying Clinical Chemistry, I worked for a number of years as an analyst at the leukocyte/platelet immunology immunohematology department of the Central laboratory of the blood transfusion service in Amsterdam. Because I wanted to return to the beautiful Achterhoek area, I started working as a payroll administrator at Abeos.

Part of the work at Abeos consisted of the functional application management of the purchased ERP software. In this role I was involved in the implementation of Mysolution at Abeos. As a lead payroll officer I was intensively involved in this implementation. The positive experiences with the working method, the culture within and the employees of Mysolution, made me decide at the time to leave Abeos and start working for Mysolution. This is now over seven years ago.

The development of our own payroll module

In these seven years I have been able to do many interesting and challenging things within Mysolution. The development of its own wage module stands head and shoulders above this. I have been able to make a major contribution to this. From the beginning I have been involved in this and am very proud of the product that is now there. In 2014 we started with the payroll module, and given the fact that now in 2021 almost all our customers work with the payroll module, is a wonderful result!

Always in development

The laws and regulations of payroll processing change every year, so we can never be finished developing. This makes the profession challenging and exciting. We have to keep thinking about new features and the necessary adjustments in the design.

Wilma Steenblik - Mysolution

In addition, every customer has specific wishes and points of attention that must be taken into account. Often you are also an advisor for the customer, they want to confer about the new laws and regulations. Because you work for different clients, the position offers a lot of variety. This can also cause hectic moments when they all need you at the same time. You then have a lot of balls to keep up in the air, but this makes for a nice challenge.

But fortunately, there is also time for relaxation at Mysolution. During the Friday afternoon drinks there is time to chat with colleagues. The staff outings are always very pleasant. A very nice company to work for!

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