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Mirna Ploos van Amstel


Our colleagues can ofcourse best tell what it means to work at Mysolution. Read below the story of Mirna Ploos van Amstel, Team Leader Consultancy.

At Mysolution, everyone is ready to help you

Bonding with the customer is important to me

In August 2018 I switched to Mysolution because I wanted to do longer implementation projects. These implementation processes lasted only a few days at my previous employer. At Mysolution, my trajectories are at least a few months to sometimes a year and a half. Through these long periods I can really build a bond with the customer, I learn the ins and outs of the organization so that I can think along and advise well.

The source of information for starting colleagues

My start at Mysolution was exactly as it suited me, a short introduction and then just go. Because of my experience in the consultancy and temporary employment sector, I also easily started talking to customers about processes within the organization, despite the fact that my knowledge of the application was minimal. I took the designed processes with me to the office to continue working on the interior design. The enormous helpfulness of all colleagues means that there was always someone ready for me to help me with urgent questions when I was on location with the customer. Everything that could wait I took with me to the office on Friday. On Friday (almost) all consultants are in the office. Now, one year later, I notice that I can be the source of information for new colleagues and that I can also give back the help that I have always received, and still receive, to my (new) colleagues.

Striving for best practice and design

My role as a consultant means that I implement and optimize our software at our customers. Within an implementation project, I am responsible for a domain, for example setting up the portal or the back office setup. For each topic, I talk to the customer to find out what the best working method and design is. Because we help customers with a better working method and design, we make nice efficiency gains that save a lot of work.

Mirna Mysolution

Independence and trust

Optimizations often take less time and involve a small part of the process that the customer wants to optimize or setting up a new functionality in our software. Sometimes these are customers where you have been before so that you come back again to help them further.

One of my great challenges was that I was able to work directly at our largest customer to do the front office implementation together with a colleague. Or a client who switched to a new financial system while I didn't have much knowledge of it. The confidence you get to pick that up and figure that out independently is very cool.

Mirna Ploos van Amstel - Mysolution

Completely at my place at Mysolution

The fact that I am completely at home at Mysolution is primarily due to all my colleagues, the helpfulness, warmth and the opportunities that you get from the organization to continue to grow and develop. In addition, I really like the work. Every day at a different location, a different customer where the processes and wishes are different from the customer of yesterday. That diversity means that I am not bored for a day.

Solving puzzles is part of consultancy

It is important as a consultant that you make contact easily, can listen carefully to what is being said but also to what is not being said and that you have the courage to challenge the customer. What is the reason that they have set up processes in a certain way and is that the best, most efficient way. In addition, you have to love a puzzle. Sometimes there are challenges with a customer that you really have to think about whether and how you can solve that, but fortunately your colleagues are always ready to think along with you.

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