Improved focus on the right target group in Search Persons

We will help you focus on the right target group in Search Persons. You can do this by defining whether to include these in the search results at the status level. MSR-863 | May 2024

For whom is this feature?

This feature is useful for all users.

Benefits for you as a user

  • Automatically focus on the right target group in Search Persons


Clarification of this new feature

What used to be a manual process has now been greatly simplified. You can now choose specific criteria with which to filter the target group in Search Persons. For example, if you no longer wish to see candidates with the ‘Archive’ status in your search results, you no longer have to filter manually for this.

With the new setting ‘Exclude from search persons’ in custom metadata, you can specify at the status level whether to exclude persons with that status from your search results.  

The behavior of the standard 'Record type' search filter (Candidates Only / Contacts Only / All Persons) has been modified. Previously, this filter was set to ‘Candidates Only’ by default. Now, if you modify this filter, your most recent selection will automatically be used for your next search query as well. For example, if you set the filter to ‘All Persons', the window will automatically open with that selected filter next time.


You can find the new setting in the custom metadata, both for candidates (Candidate Status Setting) and for contacts (Contact Status Setting). By checking the box, persons with that status will never be selected in Search Persons. 

Feature Implementation Time (FIT)

  • Very easy implementation: Implementation time < 30 minutes

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