Merged PDF Document Can Now Exceed 6 MB

If you merge multiple documents into a single PDF document, the resulting PDF document can now exceed 6 MB. MSR-921 | May 202

For whom is this feature?

For all users.

Benefits for you as a user

When merging documents, you no longer need to worry about a blocking message if the document becomes too large.

Clarification of this new feature

In the documents list, you can select two or more documents and then combine them into one PDF document using the 'Merge' button. Previously, this would result in a blockage if the total file size of the selected documents exceeded the Salesforce limit of 6 MB. From now on, the system checks in advance if this problem might occur.

If the total size of the selected documents remains under the limit, the existing workflow is maintained. You can then follow the completion of the merged PDF document on the screen. When the combination of selected documents exceeds the limit, the system automatically chooses another route to create the PDF document. In such a case, the PDF document is created in the background. Once the merged document is ready, it appears in the documents list.


No set-up is required for this functionality.