Functionalities of Match Lists have been expanded

From now on, you can set up specific match steps. We have also expanded the recording of match steps. MSR-878 | May 2024

For whom is this feature?

This feature was developed for anyone who uses the Match Lists functionality.

Benefits for you as a user

  • The match process can be tailored even more effectively to suit your organization's needs.

Clarification of this new feature

We have made a number of improvements to the Match List functionality. Now, you can change a communication status and/or a match status directly from a Match Step. Via the app starter, go to the Match List Step settings and create a new step. 

  1. If you only want to change a communication status with your step, select ‘Change Status’ under 'Action’ and choose the desired status under ‘New communication status'. 
  2. If you only want to change a match status, select ‘Change match status’ under 'Action’ and choose the desired match status under ‘New match status'. 
  3. Both variants also let you change the other status by choosing the desired statuses for both ‘New match status’ and ‘New communication status'.

You can also undo a Match Step. For this, you must add the ‘Reverse Last Step’ value on the ‘Action’ field of the object Match List Step setting. Make sure to copy the API value exactly. You can also add a custom label. Next, go to the Match List Step settings via the app starter and create a new step. Under Action, select 'Reverse Last Step'. If a step was created for a Match, this action lets you undo that.  

The communication status is now also copied when a Match Step record is created. For this, we have added ‘From communication status’ and ‘To communication status’ fields to the match step. Also add these fields to the user authorization for the object Match Step and put the fields in question on the page layout of the object Match Step.

Lastly, match step records are now created when a person is added to a Match List. In this match step, the fields 'From communication status' and 'From match status' are empty. Whether the fields 'To communication status' and 'To match status' have a value depends on whether a default value has been set for these fields in the respective selection fields of the object Match.

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