Digitally approve documents via MSR portals

From now on, candidates and contacts can approve digital documents via the candidate and customer portal. MSR-368, MSR-846, MSR-900 | May 2024

Whom is this feature for?

This is relevant for customers who use the option to digitally sign documents (CM Sign).

An overview of the benefits:

  • Documents to be signed appear in candidate and customer portals
  • Approving documents happens in the secure environment of our portals
  • The portal's security can be expanded with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • MSR sends out invitation and reminder emails regarding the documents to be signed
  • The email functionality is also compatible with Business Labels
  • The email templates can be fully customized


How it works

Using CM Sign, candidates, contacts and users can digitally sign documents. It is now also possible to do this via the candidate and customer portal. The manner in which documents are presented for signing via MSR is unaffected.

Candidates and contacts now receive invitation emails directly from MSR, instead of CM Sign.

The document to be signed will only appear in the portal if the candidate or contact is the first person who has to sign it. Once the document has been signed, it will be moved to the standard document tile.

After a customizable number of days, candidates and contacts will receive reminder emails if they have not yet signed the document.

The signing will automatically expire after a set number of days. The default period is 30 days. After the deadline, the document will no longer be visible in the portal. It is important to follow up on these expired signings in MSR.


Read more about how to configure this feature in the appendix (to follow).

Feature Implementation Time (FIT)

  • Fast implementation (1-3 hours): Simple, quickly implementable feature.

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