Order of search criteria is preserved

When saving certain search criteria, the order in which you add these will now be preserved when you save a list view. MSR-897 | May 2024

For whom is this feature?

This feature was developed for anyone who uses the Search Persons functionality.

Benefits for you as a user

  • The order of search criteria is logical and predictable.

Clarification of this new feature

When using Search Persons, it is possible to add search criteria. The order in which you add these criteria will now be preserved within the existing main structure when you save them as a list view. Before we take a closer look at this function, we will first briefly explain the main structure.

When sorting search criteria, the order of the main topics is used by default:

  1. Search by distance
  2. Text
  3. Other, namely: Person Field, Personal Characteristic, Match list, Education, Side Activities, Work Experience.
  4. Search by vacancies
  5. Placement

Concretely, this means that the search criterion 'Search by distance' (1) will always be at the top when you save the list view, followed by 'Text' (2). Similarly, the main topics 'Search by vacancies' (4) and 'Placement' (5) will always be at the bottom of the list of saved search criteria. Between 2 and 4 will be all search criteria from the other main topics (3). 

When saving a list view, the order of the main topics is used by default. Within section 3 of the main topics, the order of selection is always preserved.

An example:

You start by removing all search criteria, including ‘Search by distance’ and ‘Text'. Next, you add the following search criteria in the order shown below. For clarity, the criteria from section 3 are printed in bold.

  1. Search by vacancies
  2. Candidate status
  3. Type of candidate
  4. Personal characteristic
  5. Text
  6. Search by distance

Next, you save these search criteria as a list view. After saving, the search criteria will be ordered as follows:

  1. Search by distance
  2. Text
  3. Candidate status
  4. Type of candidate
  5. Personal characteristic
  6. Search by vacancies

As you can see, the final order does in fact differ from the order of selection. That is because the main structure, as explained above, takes precedence. However, the order of selection of the criteria in section 3 of the main structure is preserved.


This feature requires no setup.

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