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MSR | May Release 2024

Find the overview of key features from the MSR May Release 2024 here

🔸Sorting columns in custom list views

🔸Remotely search for candidates and accounts now also in Switzerland and France

🔸Matching French, Austrian and Swiss vacancies in Textkernel Search & Match

🔸Single Sign-On (SSO) in the MSR portal

🔸Custom labels for self-added action settings

🔸Improvement of Search Persons Actions filtering

🔸Anonymization process accounts for grace period

🔸Skills sorted alphabetically

🔸Improved focus on the right target group in Search Persons

🔸Teams Structure now supports custom record types

🔸Functionalities of Match Lists have been expanded

🔸Duplicate detection in flows

🔸Candidate overview in presentation email

🔸Digitally approve documents via MSR portals

🔸Assigning Teams to postcode areas

🔸Order of search criteria is preserved

🔸Fixed Features