Candidate overview in presentation email

Are you introducing several candidates at once to a client? You can now automatically include a list of names in your email message. MSR 886 | May 2024

For whom is this feature?

This feature was developed for the recruiter who sends a presentation email to the client.

Benefits for you as a user

  • You no longer have to add candidates’ names manually.


Clarification of this new feature

You can select the candidates you want to introduce from a vacancy or from the Application Process component. Move them to a status to which an automatic email message to the client is linked. This can be called ‘Introduced', for example. In the email message, you can now include a list of names of the selected candidates. They will appear in alphabetical order with their first and surnames. This feature can also be used in combination with a flow. However, the context always has to be a single vacancy.


  • Go to the email template to which you want to add the automatic list of names.
  • Move your cursor to where you want to add the list.
  • Type in the following tag: #candidates#

Feature Implementation Time (FIT)

  • Very easy implementation: Implementation time < 30 minutes

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