Assigning Teams to postcode areas

You can now assign Teams to one or more postcode areas. This lets you use a flow to e.g. automatically determine what team a candidate belongs to. MSR-927 | May 2024

For whom is this feature?

For organizations that use the Teams structure.

Benefits for you as a user

  • You can automatically assign a candidate to the right team based on their residential address.

Clarification of this new feature

In a new object 'Team Postcode' (msf__Team_Postcode__c) you can now create postcode areas and link these to a team or team group. You can define the postcode area by entering two values: 'Postcode from' and 'Postcode up to'.

You can use these two values in a flow to determine - based on a person's postcode - what postcode area they belong to and then automatically assign the responsible team.


In order to create Team Postcode records, you must grant access to the object 'Team Postcode' (msf__Team_Postcode__c). You must also add the object as a related list in the object Teams.

Important information for using this feature

Note: this feature will become part of our Enterprise Package. In order to install it in your environment, please contact our support department

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