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In addition to more flexibility and innovations, Mysolution has brought Timing efficiency to the nationally active temporary employment agency and all her employees. How will the collaboration between Mysolution and Timing continue? Read it in the article below.

Success Story

Timing can always move ahead with Mysolution

Thousands of flex workers are at work every day thanks to Timing. The specialist in executive work has been bringing together go-getters and clients for almost thirty years. However experienced, the company is always facing forward and is known to be innovative. Switching to the integrated software package Mysolution FLEX, in 2015, was in that respect a golden opportunity. Primary business processes have since been even more efficient, and innovations within these are easier to implement.

Always ahead

Timing's Manager ICT and Data Strategy, Hetty Braam, remembers it well. The previous ERP system that the sixth largest employment agency of the Netherlands used, was a more closed solution. 'It was hardly possible to link other functionalities to it', she says. 'This means you stand still, while we always want to move forward. We then deliberately searched for a solution that runs on a Microsoft platform; so you can be sure that the system continues to evolve.'

The choice was Mysolution FLEX. Braam: 'A hybrid system that supports our primary business processes, such as matching, selecting, placing, remuneration and invoicing. All in one system, front and back office, that's nice. A real advantage. But now it is even more important that it is a solution to which other software systems can be easily linked. Think of contract management systems, recruitment systems and customer environments. This is becoming increasingly important in our market. Mysolution FLEX meets that need.'

Agile and flexible

With an agile organisation such as Timing, which also has Persoonality as an independent payroll label, a flexible total solution is required. So the advantage that Mysolution FLEX can easily implement improvements and innovations, from Microsoft, from Mysolution and from Timing, also weighed heavily. 'This retains the system's development speed. The system also runs along with the updates and innovations from Microsoft. An example of this is that the platform can now be used on all devices.'

'We also have the opportunity to take on the requests of our key users from all over the country,' continues Braam. "They regularly come up with proposals for improvement; often functional adjustments to, for example, make it easier to record something for a customer. If we want to implement such a new functionality, Mysolution can quickly follow this in its solution.'

Timing about Mysolution

Hetty Braam, Timing, about Mysolution

Speed up processes 

Timing has now been using Mysolution FLEX for over four years. This has also brought efficiency to the nationally active employment agency and its eight hundred employees, in addition to more flexibility and innovations. Braam: 'The system facilitates and accelerates the processes of our consultants. Things that we did manually, such as processes around a confirmation, are now fully automated. Or imagine that a passport from one of our customers expires. Then we no longer have to carry out call actions, but an e-mail is automatically sent out. The system takes care of this for us.'

Mysolution FLEX has been fully adapted to the wishes of Timing. 'You can adapt the package to your own processes. For example, we recently reorganized our front office with call-to-action 'tiles', so that our employees see what they have to do. This can be arranged in a role-controlled manner, tailored to the function and tasks of employees. Also convenient: Mysolution FLEX has the look and feel of Microsoft. This makes working with it easily adopted by users. It is very recognisable.'

Levelling at a strategic level

Timing was the very first customer where Mysolution FLEX was implemented. The organisation has never regretted this. ‘We are very pleased with it,’ says Braam. 'We can continue to develop and fulfil our wishes. We like to be innovative and agile. Mysolution FLEX contributes to this.'

Braam is also positive about the cooperation with Mysolution. She speaks of 'a partnership'. "That's been the case from day one. Thinking together, giving and taking. Also at a strategic level levelling together: where are we going? Mysolution is a pleasant, personal and customer-oriented organisation. You talk to people and are not a ticket number. And you always have contact with the right person. That is the advantage of an organisation that does not have huge departments. We are very satisfied with that!'

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